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Opseu Collective Agreement Joseph Brant Hospital

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The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) recently negotiated a collective agreement with Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario. This agreement will impact the wages and working conditions of many hospital employees, including nurses, support staff, and patient care technicians.

One of the most significant changes in the new agreement is a wage increase for all hospital employees. Nurses will see a 2.75% increase in their base pay, while support staff and patient care technicians will receive a 2% increase. This increase is designed to help retain current employees and attract new talent to the hospital.

In addition to wage increases, the agreement also includes several new provisions aimed at improving working conditions for hospital staff. For example, there will be an increase in paid leave for bereavement and personal circumstances, as well as additional paid leave for employees who experience domestic violence.

Another important change in the agreement is increased job security for hospital employees. The hospital has agreed to a process that will prevent layoffs, except in extreme circumstances such as a sudden loss of funding or a natural disaster.

Overall, the OPSEU collective agreement with Joseph Brant Hospital is a positive development for employees and patients alike. By increasing wages, improving working conditions, and providing job security, the hospital is showing a commitment to both its staff and the community it serves. For anyone considering a career in healthcare, Joseph Brant Hospital is now an even more attractive option.